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Classy Responsive
Author: dimi Added: 21:05 License: AGPL 3
Homepage: Visit Downloads: 511 Version: 2.0
I hope not many mistakes Hmm!

Theme designed by Dimi ( based on Ddraig theme )
new... Rock On
2 color blue + red
in Theme Control Panel change color
or off footer link on of edit in footer.php lnks
on social top or footer search of on
new mobile menu from Craig
Theme Control max 960px
Forum Control max 960px
Adnin Control max 960px
smaller mobile theme 220px 360px without paners, paners 320px probleme in smaller mobile

In Theme Control Panel

latest News
latest articles
Newest Topics
Hottest Threads
latest Links
Custom Links

if this .. of footer link better

1 > theme_control_panel in folder infusions and install in admin new infusion this it control from theme 2 > Infusions Theme Control Panel install theme Classy

SubMenu Usage
To add a dropdown link in header...

In site Links admin Add or edit existing link and add %submenu% before the Link Name and select sub-header only.
All links after this will appear in this dropdown menu.
To end just add %endmenu% in front of the last Link Name in the list.
If you want to make a submenu without the submenu header link to be a link change the Link URL to # it will then make the submenu header link to an anchor

Note: if %submenu% visibility is set to eg. Members the %endmenu% need to be set to Members as well.
O/S: PHP-Fusion v7.02xx

About The Author

  • dimi
  • Username: dimi  |  User Level: Member  |  Joined: 07/08/2009
  • Website: Visit  |  Downloads Submitted: 29  |  Author Rep Points: 30

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